Enjoy the summer sun without worrying about your skin

Lazy days basking in the warm sun are now a reality (for the short term at least), as the summer has finally decided to arrive. We’ve waved goodbye to the months spent shivering in front of the fire, wrapped up in all our warmest woollies, and instead we can enjoy fun barbecues and days sat in the local pub garden.

Although summer leisure activities are much more fun, you also have to be extremely careful not to damage your skin. Not only can sun ravaged skin look unattractive, it can also pose problems to your health.

However, protecting your skin against UV rays doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your fun, and provided you choose the right products, you can enjoy the sun without worrying about causing any harm to your skin.

If you’re looking for products which can protect your skin whilst conditioning simultaneously, look no further than the fantastic Dermalogica Solar Defence System. This amazing line of products consists of a fantastic variety of sunscreens and after-sun products which will help to keep your skin looking amazing throughout the warmer months and beyond.

Trust Dermalogica to help make your summer more enjoyable.

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