Improve and prevent skin discolouration caused by sun damage with Dermalogica Extreme C

As we don’t often get a lot of warm sun in the UK, on the odd occasions when the sun does rear its head, it can be far too easy get a little over-excited and head outdoors without adequately protecting skin.

Although you have probably heard it time and time again, it really is vital that you apply sun block in order to guard your skin against the sun’s damaging rays. Failure to do so can have a number of negative effects- many of which can be very long-lasting.

One side effect of sun exposure which many people aren’t actually aware of is skin pigmentation. It’s thought that one key reason why many aren’t aware of the fact that skin pigmentation can be caused by the sun is because it can take years for effects to show.

Skin pigmentation which occurs as the result of excessive sun exposure can take years to develop- by which time, the tan which seemed so important all that time ago has long disappeared.

Luckily, dealing with skin discolouration doesn’t have to involve a trip to the cosmetic surgeon, as there are some great products available nowadays which can be used in the comfort of your own home. Dermalogica Extreme C is one such product.

In addition to helping to improve the look of discolouration and giving skin a new lease of life, Dermalogica Extreme C can also help to prevent any future damage. Extreme C works equally well when used on small or larger areas of the face and neck and can be used alone or with moisturiser.

Improve the look of skin discolouration with Dermalogica Extreme C- and stick to the fake tan in future!

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