There’s a lot more to shaving than the razor you use

For many men, shaving is a necessity rather than a pleasurable pastime, and this is why a large proportion reach for the first razor and shaving products that come to hand- in a bid to get the job over and done with as quickly as possible.

Nowadays, it seems that barely a day goes by without being confronted with a new TV advert promoting the latest must-have ‘miracle’ razor. As good as these razors may claim to be though, the products which you use and the ways in which you use them also play a major part in ensuring a good shave.

With so many different shaving products on the market these days though, choosing the best product for your skin type and your needs can feel like a tricky task- although it really doesn’t have to be.

Dermalogica Shave System products are a first choice with many men, as they are specially designed to provide a clean, smooth shave to different skin types.

In addition to the products used when shaving, the pre and post-shave products which you opt for also play a major part- and the Dermalogica Shave System range can cater for all of these needs.

Transform your shaving regime and your skin with a little help from the Dermalogica Shave System.

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