Keeping pores healthy

Our skin is made up of thousands and thousands of pores, so it’s no wonder that they can sometimes get clogged- leaving skin looking less than its’ best.

It’s not hard for pores to get clogged with dirt- which is one of the prime culprits in causing spots and blemishes. If you’re pores aren’t thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, infections can develop.

This is why looking following a proper skincare regime is vital.

The first step in any skincare regime is cleansing. There are cleansers on the market to suit all skin types, so before making a purchase you need to determine what your skin type actually is.

If you regularly wear makeup, make sure that the cleanser you choose can remove every last trace. Failure to properly cleanse you skin of makeup will eventually lead to pores getting blocked- and you could find yourself with a breakout of spots.

After cleansing, use a light toner and moisturiser. It’s particularly important that you don’t choose a moisturiser that is too heavy or oily- as this in itself can lead to blocked pores.

Keeping your pores clean will help to keep your skin looking its very best.

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