Skin care sins

Everyone knows the importance of looking after their skin, and although good intentions are there, it’s not difficult to succumb to skin care sins- which could put all your good efforts to waste.

In order to keep your skin looking fantastic and ensuring that it’s in the healthiest condition possible, you need to try and avoid making any skin care blunders.

Don’t use products that aren’t designed for your skin type

There really is no point buying products that aren’t tailored to your skin type. Even if you have read rave reviews on products, if they aren’t compatible with your skin type it’s highly unlikely that you will see positive results- meaning that you could be throwing those precious pennies down the drain! If you aren’t sure of your skin type, consult a specialist.

Don’t go to bed with makeup on- take it ALL off!

There are occasions when it’s all too tempting to get in bed with your makeup still on, although this is a major no-no! Sleeping with your makeup on overnight just once could lead to the appearance of a spot or blemish come morning- and is it really worth taking that risk?!

Don’t lather up with soap

Most soaps are designed to be used on the body, and using them on the face can really dry your skin out or cause a reaction. Instead, use a gentle but effective facial wash- Dermalogica have a fab range.

Don’t forget sun protection

Using a moisturiser with an SPF, (again, Dermalogica have some great products ) is extremely important. Even in the middle of winter when the sun doesn’t seem to have made an appearance for weeks it can still cause damage.

Follow these simple tips and don’t be a skin care sinner!

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