Five Things You Need to Know About Dermalogica Awaken Peptide Eye Gel

Dermalogica Awaken Peptide Eye Gel
Dermalogica Awaken Peptide Eye Gel

Something we love to do here at Pure Beauty, when we have a new product on the shelves, is take a deep dive into all of the facts and benefits related to that product so that we can consider ourselves experts, as our customers need us to be. This week it’s the turn of the new Awaken Peptide Eye Gel from Dermalogica, which promises to target puffiness, fine lines and fatigue. Here are five things that we think you should know about this eye gel:

It contains caffeine

Everyone knows that caffeine in food and drink has a stimulant effect, but what you might not know is that caffeine is just as potent when used as an ingredient in skincare. Studies have found that a significant amount of caffeine does make it through your skin when applied topically, and in the case of the Awaken Peptide Eye Gel, the caffeine acts as a vasoconstrictor which makes blood vessels smaller and has an anti-inflammatory effect to reduce puffiness around the eye area. That’s got to be better than your daily venti latte, right?!

It contains “The Youth Molecule”

The Awaken Peptide Eye Gel contains an ingredient called a tetrapeptide, something which is known anecdotally among scientists as “the youth molecule”. It’s a relatively new ingredient having only been discovered in 2013, but it’s now one of the most popular anti-aging ingredients on the market. It helps to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin to strengthen the skin’s structure and works to strengthen the connection between your epidermis and dermis to slow ageing. It’s one of the most effective peptides for skin and can be used to treat a wide range of skin conditions.

It’s fragrance free

While it’s not absolutely essential for all eye products to be fragrance-free, it’s definitely a good idea. Fragrances which are added to products to make them smell nice, rather than some products having an aroma which comes naturally from the ingredients, can irritate even the most unproblematic skin. Given the fact that the skin in the area is so thin and delicate it’s best not to introduce anything which could potentially cause irritation, which means Dermalogica get bonus points for this notable omission.

It has short term AND long term benefits

Many products on the market will have either short-term or long-term effects on your skin, but not many are able to do both. Dermalogica Awaken Peptide Eye Gel works in the short term to encourage the illusion of more well rested eyes in just 10 minutes, by enveloping the skin in moisture and leaving the under eyes refreshed and nourished. In the long term, as we mentioned above, it actually repairs the bonds at a cellular level within your skin so that continuous use will actually permanently improve the appearance of your under eyes.

Dermalogica Awaken Peptide Eye Gel has some amazing reviews

Just a quick look around the internet uncovered some amazing reviews from people who’ve used Dermalogica Awaken Peptide Eye Gel in their daily lives. Here are some of the ones which caught our eye:

“I use it in the morning, its like a magical cream…instantly lifts the eye area and gives me a smooth appearance. Love it!”


“I feel like my eyes look less tired and puffy when I use this daily. I notice an overall improvement in my eye skin texture as well!”


“I notice an immediate hydration when I use it and makeup settles well on top of it. And my puffiness is decreased too!”


“Dermalogica does it again. This eye cream is perfect for those mornings where you just don’t want to get out of bed! It’s even better, if you keep it in your refrigerator! The cooling factor is even more intense & that’s why this is the perfect morning eye cream!”

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