What to do when your lashes need lengthening

Many clients come to Pure Beauty wanting to lengthen their lashes. Whether that is because, perhaps, they are naturally shorter and quite straight, or if it is because of overuse of products and make-up over the years. Or even conditions such as Madarosis, where the lashes fall out and take a long time to grow back. Or even stress, I know of people are pull out or rub their eyelashes when stressed. This will cause them to become weak, brittle, and fall out over time. Sometimes the rate of growth can even be affected when hairs are repeatedly pulled out over a long period of time.

Protect Your Lashes from Bad Habits

So, for Salon treatments that enhance the lashes, we offer LVL and Extensions. At Pure Beauty, we use a brand called Nouveau. The brand started in 2005, and their transformational treatments elevate natural lashes or extend them, delivering impactful results every time. They are the gold standard for lash training, globally recognised for their award-winning courses.

The Nouveau Lash Extend treatment uses individual lash extensions to extend your natural lashes, giving you longer, fuller lashes for up to 8 weeks. Often known as classic or individual lashes, this treatment creates flawless, natural eyelash extensions and is the perfect look for anyone wanting to add depth and length to their natural lashes. To maintain the up-keep of these, we suggest coming in every 2-3 weeks for lash maintenance/infills.

LVL is a great alternative to lash extensions and the perfect way to enhance what you already have, whether your lashes are long, short, thick or stubborn. This treatment will create the look of longer, fuller lashes that make your eyes appear more open and youthful, as well as saving time in your morning routine. This treatment needs no upkeep, and can last up to 8 weeks, as long as the aftercare advice is followed.

As for products, Nouveau offer a lovely Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum that contains a complex blend of multi vitamins and conditioning actives. This serum is the ultimate conditioner for lashes and brows. It is very hand, as it is almost a two in one product, as it can be used in two areas. This handy little mascara-wand product can be thrown in your handbag, or kept on your dressing table for twice daily use.

As well as Nouveau, we offer other brands such as RevitaLash. Their Lash Perfecting Collection Kit combines four vitamin-enriched must-haves that make your lashes flutter whilst strengthening, moisturising and conditioning them. It contains their Volumizing Primer, Volumizing Mascara, Micellar Water Lash Conditioning Eye Make-up Remover, and finally their famous Advanced Eyelash Conditioner. Using all of these together will give your lashes the total care and boost they need to grow long and strong.

So, if you feel as if you lashes need some TLC, then consider investing in a treatment, or perhaps a product of two to help you achieve your lash goals.



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