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Quite often we talk about our skincare routines, or body care routines, or even routines for keeping our nails healthy and long, but rarely do I see people regularly talking about their haircare routines. Personally, I am one of those people who go to the Hairdressers every now and again, I enjoy low maintenance when it comes to my hair. I know this is because I always wear it up for work, but this results in my hair becoming a little dry, and sometimes pulling on my scalp which can snap it. Therefore, there are clearly issues that need to be addressed, similar to any issue that could come up regarding skincare (which I am, admittedly, much more invested in). I realise though that I need to take better care of my hair and scalp, and I know many people would agree with me.

Helping Your Hair to Grow Long and Strong

First, some tips. Back to basics. When washing your hair, ensure you are only washing in lukewarm water. If it is too hot, this can strip your hair of its natural oils that are essential to keep it healthy. Also, water that is too hot will affect your skin too, causing it to become more dry and dehydrated. Next, make sure when you shampoo, you do it twice and focus on your scalp. This will ensure that all dirt, grease and product will be removed, and rinse it thoroughly. On the other hand, when conditioning, ensure you focus on the ends of your hair, where the natural oils are less and where your hair is much more dry.

Also, always ensure you are using the right products for your hair type and length. For example, the Color Wow Color Security Conditioner comes in two types, Fine to Normal, and Normal to Thick. The difference is in the formula, and you want to use the right one. The richer formula of the Normal to Thick Conditioner will ensure each strand is well coated and that the product works right down to the Cortex. Whereas the Fine to Normal Conditioner is a lightweight product, and ensures that hair is not weighed down or left feeling greasy after use.

Using a product for a specific hair condition or problem is also very useful. For example, people with curly hair know how hard it can be to tame those locks. So, a product like the Color Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair is an all-in-one curl enhancing product for glossy, sleek waves and curls. The ultra fine spray does not weigh down the hair, and creates “crunch free” curls.

If it is something simple and easy you want to introduce into your routine, then the Evolve Organic Beauty Daily Apple Hair and Body Wash is a handy two in one product. The natural coconut and sugar extracts leave the hair feeling clean and glossy, and this product is suitable to be used as a body wash too, as the Aloe Vera in it hydrates the skin. This is great for that person who just wants to jump in and out of the shower.

Lastly, caring for your scalp is so important. Having a hydrated and happy scalp means that your hair will thank you. If it is itchy, dry or flaky, than this can cause you some bother, as well as drying out the rest of your hair. Using a hydrating hair and scalp mask such as the Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Hair and Scalp Mask all over can help to combat that dryness and irritation.

So, whatever your hair is calling out for, I would definitely recommend investing in some good haircare products that are tailored to your hair’s specific needs and styling requirements.

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