Products to Deeply Relax You During Pregnancy

Products to Deeply Relax You During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a confusing time for most women. Your body is changing, hormones are up and down, and your mind can be wandering all over the place. Whether it is your first, second, third etc baby, you always need to take care of yourself as well as baby. One way to do so is through self-care, i.e, using lovely products at home. These can be for your face, body, hair etc.

However, with pregnancy, you do have to be careful what you are using. For example, Vitamin A (Retinol) is not safe to use. Whilst it is crucial for baby’s development, too much can cause Liver toxicity. I know it is “only in your skincare” but you can buy high percentage Retinols over the counter now-a-days, so you do need to be careful. Essential oils are another one. It is more the fact they have not been widely enough tested during pregnancy, so a skincare brand cannot definitively say it is or is not safe to use. So overall, it is best to avoid, just to be safe.

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At our salon in Lichfield we offer Pregnancy massage and facial treatments. One of the questions I get asked the most is, what is the best product for stretch marks? I personally love the Decleor CICA Botanic Oil, as it is a unique blend of nine different Botanical Oils (not Essential Oils), that help to reduce stretch marks, and that itchiness than can occur when skin begins to stretche. It is best to apply when you’re still a little damp from the bath or shower, as that helps the product spread more and last you longer. I love using this even when someone is not pregnant, as it is a honestly a lovely oil, and the Sweet Almond Oil makes it smell like a Cherry Bakewell!

Another Oil safe for use and that is amazing for stretch marks is the Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil. This is a product that Victoria Beckham swore by during her pregnancies, and she said she got not one stretch mark! The gentle, neutral aroma is also brilliant for if you have become sensitive to smells, which can often occur during pregnancy. Once baby is born, it is also a safe and lovely product to use for a bit of baby massage time.

As for facial products, as long as it does not contain Vitamin A or Essential Oils, then is it generally safe to use (I would suggest to always do your own research, and look into manufacturers guidelines). Our lovely REN products are gentle on the skin, and the brand boasts something for everyone. Many women find that their skin will change during pregnancy, more often than not, it goes rather dry. Their Rosa Centifolia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser is a great 2-in-1 product. It buffs away that old dead skin, and the hydrating cleanser helps to plump and rehydrate the fresh new skin. Brilliant for if you’re feeling sick or tired and want something quick, and great for when baby does come, and you have very little time.

So, overall, there are many indulgent products you can invest in for whilst you’re pregnant, and for then your baby comes. It is important to look after yourself both physically and mentally. However, some of your products may have to change, and you will need to pop those Retinols away until after the baby is born.

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