Do you want to know how to Sculpt and Smooth your Face?

There are many tools, treatments and products on the market at the moment that can help to smooth, sculpt, tighten and rejuvenate not only your skin, but your facial muscles too. The higher-grade treatments are only offered in salons however, but I know a lot of my clients want to continue that good work and progress at home, and want an easy way to do that. Facial tools are massive at the moment. I often see them floating around online on social media, and we have some very good ones here in our Salon and on our online store. I have tried many in my time, some good, some not so good. So I thought this blog would be great to let you know about my findings, on the diamonds, so you can avoid the duds.

Lady Splashing Water On Face

Skin Abode is a brand we carry here at Pure Beauty. They offer many facial tools that work amazingly. My personal favourite is the Goldilocks Derma Roller. It is the perfect at-home alternative to needles. Brilliant for someone who does not want to go that far (or wants to try something else before they do), and for someone who wants to enhance the penetration of their skincare. It works by encouraging the lymphatic system’s natural detox process, by rolling the textured tool over your skin after you’ve applied your favourite serum. You would gently roll upwards and then downwards for 30 seconds across each area of the face, i.e the forehead, the cheeks etc. I love using this as I suffer with a little bit of acne, as well as dark spots left behind from that acne. I find that this helps to smooth my skin, and heal those marks left behind. Not only that, but I really love the sensation of the tool, and it makes my face feel as if it is getting a little mini facial workout.

Skin Abode also have their Cryo Queen Ice Roller. This is amazing for anyone who suffers with hot, flushed skin and puffiness, especially around the eyes. It helps to improve circulation, as well as the cool stainless steel rollers that can be used to help lift tired and sagging skin. Just pop in the fridge overnight, take out five minutes before use, then use by gently rolling outwards from the chin, and repeat over the entire face. Then, using the narrow end, use that to target specific areas, such as around the mouth and the eyes. You can use just on your skin, but it feels much more slick over a serum, oil or moisturiser.

Lastly, one product I have had for a while now is my Hayo’u Rose Quartz Stone. I love using this little self-cooling stone in the mornings to also help with puffiness. The brand also has the stones come in Jade, they have a body-specific stone, oils and candles for deep relaxation at home. I’m also loving using one of the deeper grooves in the stone to massage along the large muscle in my neck, as it often becomes sore. It is a great versatile tool that helps to balance the skin, and is a great five-minute routine to relax the mind too.

So if any of these tools speak to you, I would highly suggest looking into them, as each one has a unique and worth-while function, that can aid your pre-existing skincare, and take your routines to the next level.

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