What is the Difference Between CACI and BioTec?

At our salon in Lichfield, we offer many different treatments, including facials. There is one to tackle every skincare need or concern. We have always been a salon known for the CACI facials that we offer. However, there is another machine based facial that we offer, which our clients are getting to know and love. The Elemis Bio-Tec machine was introduced into our salon in 2019, and I personally feel it hasn’t had it’s time to shine, due to the Lockdowns we have had. Now we are back to doing our treatments, many of our clients are wondering what this machine is. So, I wanted to write a blog explaining what the two machines are, and how they compare.

I have personally worked with the Bio-Tec machine longer than our CACI machine. It is a non-invasive machine based facial that allows you to enjoy the luxury of the Elemis products, whilst getting the added benefits from the five technologies it offers. Ultrasonic, Microcurrent, Galvanic, Oxygen and Light Therapy. These technologies are designed to tackle firming, lifting, healing and exfoliating. For example, if you’re concerned with ageing, then we would use the Microcurrent, Galvanic and Light Therapy. If it was texture on the skin, it would be Ultrasonic, Galvanic and Light Therapy. If you want your skin to look more plump and hydrated, then it would be the Oxygen, and so on. The machine is paired with powerful Biological Actives combined with wonderful aromatics, that enhance the technologies used on your skin. I find that this facial is often more popular with men than our “normal” facials are, as they feel like they are getting, for example, a good, deeper exfoliation with the Ultrasonic. So, if you love your luxury Elemis facials, enjoy their spa-like products and want that added, “bit of something new” to your facial, then I would highly recommend booking in to try one of our Elemis BioTec treatments. Their BioTec Cleanser is also one of my favourite cleansers, the Amber in it smells amazing when we use it in treatments, and it can be used at home to complement the facials as well.Elemis BIOTEC Skin Energising Cleanser

As for CACI, this machine is tried, tested and loved by many of our clients, and others from all over the world. Our most popular treatment is the “CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift”, and essentially, what we are trying to do is in the name. Give your muscles a firm, good workout to sculpt them, and get them to sit higher on the face, back in place, to give you a more youthful look. It is a face-lift without the needles or scalpel. With the CACI, it uses similar Microcurrent technology to help lift the muscles. The lifting routine that is performed in our CACI facials is slightly longer than that in the BioTec, and we use Dermalogica products within the facial itself. We also use Light Therapy within the treatment. The difference is, in CACI, the Light Therapy has added Current to it, to further stimulate the muscles, and swell the water molecules within the skin, so you will get a more plump effect. In the Bio-Tec, it is just the light therapy. This means, that if someone cannot have any Microcurrent, because they may be Pregnant or have another Contraindication, then the BioTec offers a wonderful facial that takes that into consideration, and is safe. The CACI Machine also offers other treatments such as Microdermabrasion, which we use the Dermalogica UltraCalm line to soothe the skin with, and body treatments such as the CACI Bum Lift, just in time for Summer!

When clients ask me what the difference is, I always say it depends on what you want out of the facial. If you are looking for something slightly more “Aesthetic”, more like “if this does not work then I am definitely going onto Botox” then CACI is the way forward. I always say it is something to try before going into things such as Botox and Filler, a more natural approach, if the client is interested in trying that first. BioTec is more for people who love or want to try the Elemis facials and products, but want something more. Perhaps they want a deeper exfoliation, or a lifting routine within the facial, but they feel their faces are not at a point where they need or want Botox. Or perhaps they want something they cannot get with other machines, such as the Oxygen function, that is a client favourite to plump and hydrate the skin. At the end of the day, it is personal preference.

As always, I would suggest with your facial, always having a consultation with your Therapist beforehand, to ensure you are fit for the treatment, and to discuss your needs and concerns. Your Therapist will then suggest the most appropriate facial for you, then how many you should have in a course to achieve the best results. I normally go with between 6-8. Each machine has its own guidelines on how many to have, over different spans of time, so a consultation is always best.

I hope this has shed some light onto our brilliant electrical machines, and I hope it has interested some of you to research further, and maybe even book in for one!

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