The Ultimate Beauty List, Wedding Edition

The Ultimate Beauty List, Wedding Edition

As Lockdowns are eased, and we all start to get back to our normal lives, many businesses are opening again, and events are allowed to be held. One of them being Weddings! I have had many clients tell me that due to Lockdown, their wedding has been cancelled or moved, time and time again. So it is great that now, we can all start to look forward to the future.

Preparing yourself for your wedding day can be stressful, long, exciting and nerve-wracking. I have been asked many times in the past by my clients to put together a list, or time-table, for them to adhere to when it comes to the wedding beauty prep. When should I get my brows done? Do I have them waxed, tinted or go full on HD Brows? How many facials should I have? Do I need to be doing skin-care at home? What about the night before? There are so many things to think about and get right on your wedding day, your beauty routine should not be one of them.

So, I have put this blog together to help anyone out there who is getting married (or any big event in your life really) and is wanting a little advice.

Step 1 – Skincare and Facials/Peels

Skincare and Facials/Peels are a brilliant thing to invest in before your big day. When you look back at all your photos, your skin will be smooth, radiant and your make-up will sit nicer on the skin if it is well looked after. Not only this, but it is important to take care of your skin all the time, and if you need a kick-start, this may just be the one you need.

I would always advise seeing a Beauty Therapist before you invest heavily into any skincare, so you can get their opinion, and make sure it is going to work for your skin. Often a Therapist will suggest a course of facials which they think is best suited to your skin, to give you the best results before your wedding. For example, if you’re concerned with anti-ageing and dryness, then perhaps a luxurious Elemis facial would be best. If it is congestion and acne, then I would suggest MediK8 or Dermalogica. I would suggest a course of around 6 to my clients, one to be taken every two weeks in the run-up to the big day. You don’t have to have the same facial every time either.


The Week Before Your Wedding

If you have heavy congestion, scarring or Hyperpigmentation, then Chemical Peels are another option. I know they sound scary, but they really are one of the best things you can do for your skin. They allow us to treat what is going on both Superficially, and deeper within the skin, and then your skin is prepped for all of your lovely home-use products. Again, I would suggest a course of 6-8 (depending on what I am trying to treat), and generally, one would be had each month. You can have normal facials alongside your peels, but your Therapist will ensure that (depending on what brands are used) they are safe to have simultaneously.

Speaking of products to take home, making sure you have a good Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser is key. If you can incorporate Serums, Eye-Creams, Exfoliators and Masks, even better.


Step 2 – Brows and Other Waxing

It is tempting to want to have fresh brows, underarms etc as close as you can to your wedding. However, I would suggest not leaving it till the last minute. Your Therapist may be sick and your appointment cancelled (leading to the unnecessary stress of frantically ringing around salons, trying to get fitted in somewhere you may not trust or know too well). Accidents also happen in this industry, and even with our best efforts, you do not want to leave your appointment hating the shape of your brows, or perhaps they were tinted a little too dark. Of course the Therapist will do everything in their power to rectify anything, but sometimes it is hard if too much hair was taken off, etc.

So, to air on the side of caution for many reasons, I would suggest having any waxing or tinting done, first, around 2-3 months before, so you can get to know your Therapist as well. You can also discuss if you want a more in-depth treatment, such as HD Brows, as well. Then, around 3-4 days before your big day…just in case.


Step 3 – Nails

Similar to Waxing and Tinting, you want your nails to look as if you’ve just strolled out of the salon on your wedding day. For similar reasons also, perhaps your Nail Tech is off sick, or you get home, and you don’t actually like the colour or the design on your nails any more, or they seem a little too long when you start doing every-day tasks, it is good to have this treatment done about 3-4 days before the wedding. It also gives the nails time to set. If glue has been used, it ensures everything is set and nothing will pop off during the course of your day.


Step 4 – Tan

If you’ve never had a tan before I would suggest getting one at least 3 months before. It allows you time over the next few months to play around with the colouring, if you want to go darker or lighter, and to see how it fades on you. Also, just-in-case you have a reaction to the tan. Now that would be a wedding nightmare! If you’ve decided to go with that tan, then get it 2 days before the big day.


Step 5 – and relaxxx…

Massage. I love a good massage. It can help relieve stress, tension in your shoulders, legs, arms etc, and it is amazing for mental health. So when you’ve been so stressed and pent-up worrying about your big day, treating yourself to a deeply relaxing full body massage will do just the trick to ensure you unwind, and can relax and enjoy your big day. (Just don’t have one after your tan, the oil will take it off)

I hope this has been helpful for anything looking for a bit more info on what to do regarding your beauty regiment before your wedding, and good luck to any Brides and Grooms out there, who are looking forward to their big day!


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