How to look after your hands

www.pexels.comWe know you were good at washing your hands in the past, but over the last six weeks it has become something we have had to do more than ever.

The coronavirus has changed so much of our lives and a new normal is starting to come into play, but to keep everyone safe, you do need to keep washing your hands many, many times a day.

As well as washing with warm water and soap multiple times, many of us are also adding in anti-bac gel and this can really take a toll on our skin, especially if you aren’t drying your hands properly.

We have had a look at how you can protect your hands at this tough time because let’s face it, all that scrubbing can leave them feeling tight, dry, sore and looking red and cracked.

When you are working at home or in the garden wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.

Use a gentle soap when washing your hands and pat them dry. If you gently pat your hands, rather than rubbing with a towel, you are less likely to irritate and dry out the skin on your hands.

Moisturising is vital for hand care, especially at the moment and this will give back some much-needed hydration. Massage cream or oil up and down your fingers and into the rest of your hands using a circular motion, and this will not only look after them but can help them to relax and release stress and pain.

Wear sunscreen. You might only be able to go out for one form of exercise at the moment, but our hands can be overlooked when it comes to sunscreen and even on cloudy days your hands are still exposed to the sun’s rays.

If you really want to let your hands recover from the day, then let them do so at night. We would suggest that before you go to bed you slather your hands in hand cream, then get into bed and put on the gloves. Cotton allows your skin to breathe and it helps keep the moisture in. This is something that we do for feet, but we can use this familiar beauty tip for hands that need some loving too. If you don’t have any hand cream or have run out, then your moisturiser, olive, sunflower, or coconut oil all have powerful benefits and when you wake in the morning, your hands will feel soft once again.

If you have olive or sunflower oil you can add in some essential oils to create added anti-microbial protection. Add three drops of lavender, rosemary, or thyme essential oil to 10ml of olive or sunflower oil, mix in a bowl, pour into your hands and let the natural goodness get to work.

Look after yourselves and keep washing, and loving your hands.

Team Pure Beauty

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