How to Get Some Sleep During a Heatwave

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Listen, we promise we’re not doing that very British thing where we spend all year moaning about the dreary weather and then spend the whole time moaning even harder once summer finally arrives…but this weather is TOO MUCH! We love the summer, but not being able to sleep because of the heat is really making us cranky, so we thought we’d share some tips that we’ve picked up which make sleeping during a heatwave just a little more bearable.

Have a Cool Shower Before Bed

By the time bedtime comes around, we’re usually at the peak of our hot-and-botheredness, and it does not make for restful sleep. However, having a cold (or cool if you can’t deal with actual cold water) shower before bed will help to bring your body temperature down before bed – we recommend using Elemis Sharp Shower Body Wash which contains cooling ingredients to compliment your cool shower.

Keep Everything Closed

While it can be tempting to throw open the curtains and windows in the morning after a night of stuffy sleep, keeping them closed all day will actually mean that your bedroom is cooler by bedtime than if you have them open.

Use a COLD Water Bottle

This is a tip we picked up from good old Facebook and it’s a GAME CHANGER. If you’ve got a traditional rubber hot water bottle, fill it with cold water and freeze it. Stick it in bed ten minutes before you get in and you’ll have a mini cooling unit next to you all night long!

Cool Your Pulse Points

Pulse points are usually where your arteries are closer the the skin, so applying a cooling gel to these areas will fool your body into thinking it’s cooler than it is. Elemis Instant Refreshing Gel is perfect for this, and we’d also recommend that you spritz your face with Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner ten minutes before bed.

Ditch the Booze

When you drink before bedtime, you’re basically dehydrating your body before you slip between the sheets and when it’s hot this is going to be twice as problematic. Hot nights mean that we sweat more than usual, and combine this with booze and you’ll wake up feeling like a slug that’s had salt poured on it.

Bonus Tip – Freeze Your Pillow Cases!

If you’re SUPER committed to getting a good night’s sleep, you could freeze your pillowcases. Fold them and slip them inside a ziplock bag to keep them clean and dry, and slip them on just as you go to bed.

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