Five Things to Do As Soon as You Feel a Breakout Happening

Five Things to Do As Soon as You Feel a Breakout Happening
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Spots, pimples, zits…they’re all different words for the same annoying thing. Whether it’s teenage acne, hormonal spots or menopausal breakouts, spotty skin is a pain, no matter your age or what you call them. With that in mind, we’ve put together a spot-busting crib sheet of things you can do to stop your breakout becoming a nuclear meltdown on your skin:


The first thing you should do is thoroughly cleanse your face. This will keep errant bacteria, make-up, and other grime from worsening the situation. For acne-prone skin, we’d recommend you lather up with Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash, as it’s perfect start to around-the-clock control of breakouts, comedones and excess surface oils.

Ice, Ice, Baby

Ice is an excellent ally in the battle against breakouts – cold temperatures help reduce signs of inflammation associated with acne, including swelling and pain, by constricting the blood vessels around it. Once you’ve cleansed your face, apply an ice pack to the area to reduce swelling and redness.


If you have the time, applying a mask to your face would be a good step here. Masks are apllied and left on the skin to give the product maximum benefit, making them perfect for the fight against blemishes. Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask is a skin balancing and calming mask, making it ideal for sensitive, blemish prone skin.

Use a Targeted Treatment

The next important step, once you’ve washed your face and reduced any swelling is to try to use a targeted spot treatment. Dermalogica Breakout Control is an invisible treatment cream that clears, controls and prevents breakouts and is specifically designed for acneic and breakout-prone skin.


Once you’ve followed the steps above, the most important thing you can do is leave it alone. The temptation to try to squeeze a pimple is real, we get it, but you’ll end up damaging your skin, spreading the bacteria around and potentially making the healing time way longer than it needs to be. Be strong and don’t squeeze it…you’ll be glad you didn’t, in the long run! If you really can’t leave it alone, treat yourself to a facial and let the professionals deal with your skin.

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