Five Tips for Dealing with Rosacea

Five Tips for Dealing with Rosacea

Five Tips for Dealing with Rosacea
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If you suffer with rosacea, you’ll know how tricky it can be to deal with. It causes redness on the nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead. People with rosacea can also develop red solid bumps and pus-filled pimples. It affects one in 10 people in the UK, mostly in the 30 to 50-year-old age group or have fair skin. Although rosacea affects more women, it tends to be more severe in men. With all this in mind, we’ve put together a list of five tips to help you to deal with rosacea.

Avoid Drying Products

Not all people with rosacea have dry skin, but many do and drying your skin out with unsuitable products can exacerbate the condition. The combination of rosacea and dry skin can make your skin feel tight, hot and itchy. Try to look for products which say “moisturising” or “hydrating” to give you the best chance of finding products which don’t irritate your skin.

Use Sunscreen Every Day

Rosacea can be triggered by sun exposure, making redness and sensitivity far worse, something which all rosacea sufferers will want to avoid. Use a sunscreen on a daily basis to give your skin a layer of protection from the sun, which will not only help rosacea but also give your skin an anti-ageing boost, too.

There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Moisture

Most people with rosacea find that their skin will absolutely drink in moisturiser as soon as they add it to the skin. Rosacea often goes hand in hand with severe dryness, so ensuring you moisturise using a moisturiser for sensitive skin as much as your skin needs you to, will reduce redness, irritation and feelings of tightness.

Avoid Hot Water

One thing that we always remind our rosacea-suffering customers is that hot water isn’t good for their condition. If you have rosacea, you should always try to use warm water on your face as hot water can strip away natural oils and worsen any redness or lack of moisture.

Be Gentle

It doesn’t take much to angry-up rosacea-prone skin as it’s already irritated and sensitive, so you need to be careful about how you treat it. Use a gentle touch when applying products and washing your face and avoid harsh exfoliants and even rough washcloths as these can cause damage to already irritated skin.

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