Five Beauty Tips to Help You Up Your NYE Game

Five Beauty Tips to Help You Up Your NYE Game
Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

With New Year’s Eve, the biggest party of the year, just days away, you’ve probably already got your outfit and make-up look down to the finest detail. You know what you’re wearing, you know exactly how you want your make-up and hair to look, but will it all last until midnight and beyond? We’ve put together five tips which will help to ensure you’re still looking and feeling your best as the clock ticks into 2019.

Protect Your ‘Do

If you’re wearing your hair up, and especially if you’ve paid someone to do your hair, you’re going to want it to last until the wee small hours. Keep a mini can of hairspray and some bobby pins in your bag and if you start to feel an area of loose hair, spray the pin with hairspray before sticking it in your hair. This will give the pin extra staying power to last the night through.

Lip Balm

If you’re wearing a matte lip, there’s a good chance that this will dry your lips out during the evening, and you don’t want to be kissing someone at midnight with flaky lips! Keep a good lip balm in your bag and apply it throughout the evening to make sure your lips are in top condition.

Get a Glow

Having a tan in winter isn’t always possible, but it’s a simple fact that everyone looks better in photos with a little bit of a glow to their skin. Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Body Lotion is a luxurious, gradual tan body lotion to instantly moisturise skin and subtly build an even, natural looking tan, ensuring that you look healthy and happy as the flashes go off at midnight.

Protect Your Dancing Feet

This one is going to sound utterly bonkers, but believe us, it works. If you’re wearing high-heeled shoes and still want to dance the night away, apply roll-on deodorant to the sides of your feet. It will help prevent blisters from dancing in your heels all night. You can also, if you’re not wearing open-toed shoes, strap your second and third toes together with a little medical tape, which is said to prevent achy feet from standing in heels.

Apply Body Oil

Body oils have many, many benefits to your skin, but this is one you may not have considered – they make your perfume last longer. Applying a body oil around the areas you apply your perfume, like your neck and wrists, will give the perfume something to cling to and will actually make the smell more potent and long lasting.

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