Removing Female Facial Hair

Removing Female Facial Hair
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It’s a fact that almost every human face has some level of hair on it, but for some women, it’s more than just a downy fuzz. Having unwanted facial hair can be a real confidence killer, especially if you don’t know how to deal with it, so today we’re looking at five female-friendly ways to remove facial hair, which won’t leave you looking like you have a five o’clock shadow.


If your facial hair is more of a sparse collection of thicker hairs then plucking is probably the easiest option for you. It pulls the hair at the roots, which means it should take longer to grow back, and it won’t cause any abrasion to the surrounding skin. Make sure your tweezers are sterile by dipping into boiling water first to avoid infection from bacterial transfer.


If you have a larger area of hair to remove, waxing is a good option as regrowth is slower. Using either soft wax, which is pulled off with cloth strips, or hard wax that simply hardens and is pulled off on its own, a practitioner can remove hairs from your upper lip, cheeks, brows and chin with ease. Use Decleor Post-Wax Double Action Gel afterwards to reduce inflammation and redness.


Threading is one of the oldest methods of hair removal and is usually done in a salon by someone trained. It involves running twisted threads over the skin, which plucks the hairs as it goes. It’s a really precise method which is why it’s great for shaping eyebrows, but it also an inexpensive way to remove hair from larger areas such as cheeks and chins.

Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams also do a good job with larger areas, but they’re made of some pretty strong chemicals so we’d highly recommend doing a patch test first before you cover your face in it. You’ll want to treat your face afterwards, so we recommend using Decleor Harmonie Calm Soothing Light Cream, post-treatment.


Laser hair removal isn’t cheap, but it can be an excellent solution if you want to get rid of facial hair for good. Although the cost is high, you’ll never need to spend money on hair removal products or treatments again, so you may well save money (and a lot of effort!) in the long run.

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