10 Dos and Don’ts for Dry Skin

10 Dos and Don’ts for Dry Skin
Photo by Sean McGee on Unsplash
  1. Don’t use a steamer or hot water on your face; hot water and steam completely dries out your skin by stripping away the skin’s own oils and causes more problems in the long run. Cool water is far kinder to dry skin
  2. Don’t use water-based moisturisers on your skin. Oil-based moisturisers may feel heavier on your skin, but they’ll do a far better job of getting your skin to hold on to moisture. Decleor Intense Nutrition Nourishing Cocoon Cream is perfect.
  3. Don’t over-exfoliate. When you have flaky skin due to dryness, it can be really tempting to use exfoliators every day to try to reduce the appearance of flakiness, but doing this actually causes the skin to become over-sensitised, which can exacerbate dry skin.
  4. Don’t sleep in your make up. Dry skin needs to be able to breathe so that it can repair itself and leaving your make-up on to sleep is one of the quickest ways to worsen the cycle that causes dry skin.
  5. Don’t forget sun protection. The sun can be extremely drying to even normal skin, but if your skin is dry to begin with then you’ll need even more help. Decleor Summer Oil SPF30 is ideal for dry skin as it gives you broad-spectrum protection without drying the skin. Once you’re out of the sun, using some Decleor High Repair After Sun Balm for the Face would also be wise.
  6. Do cleanse your face with an oil-based cleanser like Decleor Bi-phase Caring Cleanser and Makeup Remover – it will melt away dirt and make-up without stripping away the skin’s own oils.
  7. Do use a heavy night cream. Night creams are often heavy and oily, so you’ll want to use them at a time when you’re staying indoors, but something like Decleor Marjolaine Nourishing Night Balm will soothe and nourish the skin overnight, relieving tightness and repairing areas of over-sensitisation.
  8. Do use an oil-based foundation. Other formulas, such as powders or water-based liquids will cling to areas of dryness and make them appear flaky and patchy. Visiting a make-up counter to ask for advice and samples before you buy is a must.
  9. Do apply your facial moisturiser BEFORE you dry your face after a bath or shower. This is the correct way to moisturise as it helps to lock moisture into your skin, and also reduces the amount of rubbing you do with a towel, which can make dry skin worse.
  10. Do layer your products. For some people, using just one type of moisturiser may not be enough, so if your skin doesn’t feel adequately hydrated after you apply your face cream, don’t be afraid to add more, or a richer product, in the areas which still feel dry.

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