Keep Cool During the Heatwave

We don’t know about you, but here at Pure Beauty our main concern at the moment is just keeping cool. It’s too hot for much apart from sitting very still, next to a fan, and drinking iced water, and make-up is basically sliding off before we’ve even finished applying it! With this in mind, we thought we’d curate a list of our best cooling products to give you a fighting chance of not completely melting in there heat! Here are five of our faves:

Elemis Instant Refreshing Gel

Technically, this gel is for aching muscles, tired legs and areas like your neck and shoulders, but with the weather reaching record highs here in the UK, we recommend using it in as many places and as liberally as you fancy – it can even be used on your forehead! It contains cooling ingredients like camphor and menthol, which cool and soothe to body.

Elemis Lip Revive

Hot weather can play havoc with your lips, leaving them feeling dry and cracked, but this reviving treatment from Elemis contains white bees wax and peppermint to repair damage and cool the area. It’s formulated in line with the Elemis promise, which meas you can be confident that it contains no parabens, no sodium laureth sulphate (SLS or SLES), no DEA, no mineral oil and no artificial colours.

Dermalogica All Over Toner

There’s nothing like a cooling spritz to make you feel better in the unbearable heat and this toning spray from Dermalogica is perfect for acne-prone skin. It controls excess oil and helps eliminate breakouts on the face and body with salicylic acid, while twelve gentle botanicals refresh, energise and revive skin.

Elemis Skin Soothe Shave Gel

Being a man in this weather can be really tough – no-one wants facial hair when it’s so hot, but the thought of shaving can be equally unappealing. This shave gel from Elemis is designed specifically for chaps and will cool and soothe the skin after shaving, making the whole thing significantly less unpleasant and allowing you to be clean shaven without the irritation.

Elemis Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel

Elemis Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel is a cooling and energising eye gel that instantly refreshes and soothes the eye area. The combination of sugar beet extract, yeast and golden root helps to reduce the appearance of tired eyes, whilst British white willow and olivine extract, rich in magnesium, revitalises and hydrates the eye area.

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