Natural Products from Pure Beauty

Natural Products from Pure Beauty
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Here at Pure Beauty, we’re crazy about all things beauty related, but we do keep a special place in our hearts for products which are all, or almost, all-natural. These products take ingredients and inspiration from nature, harnessing the power of natural products and give us the confidence to use them without needing to worry about what’s in them.

Decleor Body Refining Oil Serum

This serum from Decleor is made from 100% natural oils and is designed to target orange-peel skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. It’s intended for use during ‘self-massage’ and  is concentrated with essential oils of grapefruit and patchouli known for their aromachological energizing and stimulating properties.

Elemis Body Detox Skin Brush

It’s not just about products which soak into your skin; using natural fibres on your skin is also recommended for minimal damage to the top layer of your epidermis. This skin brush from Elemis is made from 100% natural cactus fibres, so you can exfoliate or dry brush with the confidence that it will only get rid of the skin that you want it to!

Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash

This body wash from Dermalogica contains natural extracts and essential oils which are designed to clean the skin while nourishing it and maintaining a natural balance. It’s enriched with moisturising essential oils and panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) to leave skin smooth and supple while tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary invigorate the skin.

Elemis Superfood Facial Oil

We all know that we should be eating superfoods, but putting them ON your body can also be highly beneficial. This facial oil from Elemis contains all-natural oils from broccoli seed, flaxseed, daikon radish, rosehip, cucumber, macadamia, poppy seed, rice bran and meadowfoam seed to enrich the skin, eliminate dryness and replace essential lost minerals and vitamins.

Decleor High Repair After Sun Balm for the Face

If you’ve spent time in the sun, it’s really important that you use an after-sun treatment, even if you haven’t been burnt, and there’s nothing better than using natural ingredients for this. Decleor’s after sun balm is made from 100% natural ingredients and will intensively repair skin after sun exposure. It will nourish and repair the skin to maintain a radiant and long lasting tan as well as reducing the appearance of signs of ageing.

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