5 Key Places You Should Be Exfoliating

5 Key Places You Should Be ExfoliatingThis time of year often inspires us to keep everything under wraps, because anything else is just too cold, but this usually means that our skin is in poor condition by the time spring rolls around. Sticking to a regular regime of exfoliation even during the colder months will help you to maintain healthy looking and feeling skin, and we’ve identified 5 key areas to concentrate on.


When your feet are in and out of thick socks and heavy boots, it’s really easy to neglect them but when spring comes around there’s a good chance you’ll have feet like the Gruffalo if you ignore them for that long! Soaking in a bath and using a pumice stone or metal foot file is the easiest way to get rid of a build-up of dry skin, and using Dermalogica Ultra Rich Body Cream regularly will help to keep skin soft and supple.


Your upper arms can often feel very dry and may even have little rough bumps on the surface, a common condition called keratosis pilaris, which affects a lot of women. Dermalogica Exfoliating Body Scrub is the best product for smoothing your arms, followed by some of the body cream we mentioned above.


Let’s face it; when it’s trouser or tights weather very few of us even bother to shave our legs, let alone exfoliate and moisturise! Putting in the effort to keep your legs presentable when they’re being covered up might seem futile, but it can make you feel great, even if no one else gets to see them!


We all seem to spend a little more time sitting on our bottoms when it’s cold outside, which can be a great way of cultivating pimples in the area. Tiny hairs on the buttocks become ingrown and turn into spots, and a spotty bum is never a good look! Use Dermalogica Hydro-Active Mineral Salts as a deeply cleansing scrub in the area to really resurface the cheeks that no-one sees!


Most women we know seem to spend the entirety of winter with permanently chapped lips. Using the Dermalogica Exfoliating Face Brush over your whole face, but concentrating on your lips, will help to slough away dead skin. Follow this with regular applications of Dermalogica Climate Control Lip Treatment which will not only re-hydrate your lips but also prevent them from further chapping.

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