Grab a Bargain in Our Decleor Clearance Sale!

There’s only one thing better than our amazing Decleor products, and that’s getting our amazing Decleor products at a fraction of the normal price! Right now, we’ve got loads of reductions on Decleor in our clearance sale and we thought we’d give you a look at some of our favourites, all of which have now been discontinued, so this may well be your last chance to grab some:

Decleor Angelique Nourishing Night Balm

decleor angelique nourishing night balm

This 100% natural balm is perfect for use on dry or ageing skin and will deeply nourish when applied at night. It calms and soothes dry skin, helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and will nourish parched areas of extreme dryness. Apply in light, sweeping strokes after cleansing and before bed for best results.

Decleor Dark Spot Corrector Concentrate

decleor dark spot corrector concentrate

There’s nothing like dark spots to give away your age and this dark spot corrector is a potent ally against them. Containing a Light Balance Plant Complex to help to reduce the skins pigmentation process, this product comes with an accurate applicator which allows you to target exact spots of over-pigmentation.

Decleor Harmonie Calm Delicate Milky Cream Fluid

decleor harmonie calm delicate milky cream fluid

This unique product is a high-tolerance day emulsion which calms even the most sensitive, irritated skin and keeps away redness and inflammation all day long. Essential milk of rose and extracts of white birch bark combine with essential milks of cotton and lily, concentrated rose water, cotton lipids, and pine and grape polyphenols to soothe and protect the skin.

Decleor Micro Smoothing Cream

decleor micro smoothing cream

This micro-exfoliator purifies the skin by sloughing away dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and refined. We recommend you use it once or twice a week for best results, which will allow you to keep your skin looking radiant without over-irritating the epidermis and your complexion will be brightened thanks to an increase in microcirculation.

Decleor Neck and Decollete Concentrate

decleor neck and decollete concentrate

We love a product which can be used for more than one area of the body and this cream is not only a powerful plumper for the face, it will keep your décolletage in tip top shape as well. After all, there’s no point having the face of a thirty year old if you have the chest of an 80 year old! Smooth on with an upward stroke to improve firmness and reduce sagging.

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