Male and working long hours? Dermalogica’s the answer

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The majority of beauty blogs that you read are likely to be aimed at women because – let’s face it – although men might be interested in the way that they look they’re not ones to let you know. This blog however is dedicated purely to the working man, more specifically the working man who does long hours in the office on a regular basis and looks at how they can maintain the condition of their skin and always look bright and healthy despite the regular late nights and early mornings.

To start with, you can’t expect to look bright, youthful and alert if you don’t stick to any kind of skin care regimen and although you might view beauty products as something for women, there are plenty of ranges that are aimed solely at men out there – take a look at Dermalogica’s Shave System for example.

If you’re working long hours then you probably think that looking tired is inevitable, however, this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, using a cleanser and moisturiser on a daily basis and properly prepping your skin before shaving will make the world of difference giving you a glow that suggests you’ve just slept for 100 years. Dermalogica have a range of quality products that use only the best ingredients to give your skin the glow you’re lacking so check them out today.

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