Good housekeeping is the key to clear skin

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As you can imagine when your head finally hits the pillow after a long day at work your skin really has been put through its paces. The effects of a harsh environment coupled with the build-up of dirt and make-up mean that if you were to look really closely – as in microscopically closely – at your skin then it wouldn’t be a pretty sight. Even though you might always remove your make-up and wash your face before bed, the debris from the day will still build up on your sheets and pillow which means that each night they’ll be working their way back into your skin.

In order to avoid any unwanted spots or breakouts it’s essential to make sure your bedding – especially your pillow cases – is washed and changed regularly so that old debris doesn’t end up back on your face.

Other than good housekeeping and changing your sheets on a regular basis the only other way to prevent the dirt and debris from ending up on your pillow is to completely clear your skin before you go to bed. Dermalogica’s Cleansers are great products that will clean deeply into your pores leaving no dirt behind to make its way onto your bedding.

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