How lifestyle choices affect your skin

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Modern life is completely different now to how it used to be and there are many elements of the modern lifestyle that have a negative impact on the skin and health. Over the next few articles we’ll be looking into the worst lifestyle choices for your skin and how you can improve the look of your complexion after making some bad choices.

The first lifestyle sin we’re going to look at is sleep. A lack of sleep really can have devastating effects on your skin and when experts say that you should get between six and eight hours of undisturbed sleep every night they’re not trying to ruin your social life – in fact they’re trying to improve it by boosting your self-confidence. Having skin that’s in bad condition is likely to make you self-conscious so by doing your best for your skin and treating it with the right products, like the high quality skin care products that are available from Dermalogica, and getting the recommended amount of sleep each night your self-confidence issues will be a thing of the past.

While you sleep your skin is working over-time to try and rectify the damage that has been caused by the environment throughout the day. Your cells are renewing, collagen production increasing and your pores are being unclogged all while you’re asleep which means that if you don’t get the amount of sleep that’s recommended your skin doesn’t have chance to renew which will leave your skin looking dull, lifeless and prone to breakouts.

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