How lifestyle choices affect your skin part 2

LadySplashingWaterOnFaceWe’ve already covered the effects that a lack of sleep can have on the skin but there are plenty of other lifestyle choices that also have a seriously negative effect. Alcohol for example, along with excessive consumption of caffeinated drinks such as coffee and fizzy drinks dehydrates the skin leaving it looking dull and causing wrinkles to appear. Drinking water helps to keep your skin hydrated and feeds it with all of the vitamins and nutrients that it needs to remain looking healthy, bright and youthful.

Alcohol and coffee play a huge part of the modern culture as whether you’re heading for a night on the town or you’re enjoying a quiet dinner with your partner alcohol is likely to play some part in your evening activities and coffee is likely to be your choice of beverage to see you through a busy day at the office.

In order to avoid dehydrated skin that resembles old leather it’s important to ensure that you remain hydrated. This doesn’t mean that you need to stop drinking alcohol and caffeinated drinks altogether – although if you drink them excessively then cutting back would be recommended – it just means that you should ensure that you stick to a strict skin care regimen.

Dermalogica are skin care specialists with a huge range of products intended to keep your skin in great condition. They have products to suit every skin type which means that whatever type of skin you have the basic cleanser, toner and moisturiser are easy to come by therefore your skin will look great and you can still enjoy your favourite tipple after a hard day at work.

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