Dermalogica is the answer for your whole body all year round

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Dermalogica is a great skin care brand that not only specialise in facial skin care but they concentrate on all over skin care too. Although it’s important to treat your face with quality products it’s also imperative not to forget the rest of your body and to treat your arms, legs, lips and hands to the same high quality treatment. Dermalogica is one of the only skin care brands that have all of this covered and pride themselves on that fact.

Your hands and nails are extremely important and you won’t realise quite how much you use them until you become embarrassed about them. Dermalogica’s Multivitamin Hand & Nail Treatment is one of the best hand creams out there and will see your hands healthily through all four seasons as the natural ingredients create a protective barrier against environmental harm.

They have a whole range that’s dedicated to treating your body and these products are especially beneficial through the winter when your skin has to deal with much harsher conditions than usual. The Body Therapy range contains all manner of products that will keep your skin glowing throughout the year, eliminating softening and smoothing the skin by eliminating dryness and irritation.

Finally, your lips have a lot to deal with at the hands of the environment, especially during the winter which is why Dermalogica’s Climate Control Lip Therapy is the perfect addition to every handbag. This product will prevent your lips from drying out, splitting and chapping because of the cold winter weather and it will also prevent blistering through the summer – it really is something you should never be without.

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