Looking great without make-up

shutterstock_43487785There are a lot of women out there who will refuse to leave the house without a full face of make-up, even if they’re just going to the shop down the road. Although many females find this approach to their appearance a little over the top, the majority won’t leave the house without some basic coverage, usually in the form of a little powder, bronzer and mascara.

A lot of women are actually scared to leave the house with a bare face because they think they look terrible and are afraid of what other people might think too. Not only is it untrue that people look awful when they go au naturale, there are so many tips and tricks that you can use to make you feel gorgeous and confident when revealing all on the facial front. Even if you don’t wear any or only a little make up most of the time, these tips will be helpful for you too and will help to increase your confidence no end.


A good skincare regime that you stick to religiously is the most basic step if you’re striving for beautiful skin. Although a strict skincare regime should still be followed if you’re wearing make-up – as it prepares the skin for the make-up application – it’s something that can’t be avoided if you’re not wearing make-up because you need your skin to be in good condition. The harsh environment that we live in is constantly battering our skin and without the protective layer of a good cleanser, toner and moisturiser, the effects will start to show. Using these three products twice every day, along with an exfoliator once or twice each week will keep your skin looking clean, clear and bright and keep the grime and dirt in the atmosphere from making your skin look dull and lifeless. Keeping your skin looking bright and fresh is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you look beautiful without make-up.

Flawless grooming

If you want to look beautiful when you’re not wearing any make-up then it’s important to make the most of your natural features and make them stand out. Big, bold eyebrows are in right now so if you’re blessed with large eyebrows, keep them well maintained; pluck out any strays every few days and don’t be afraid to show them off because you’ll be the envy of all your friends. Taking care of the small things like this will mean that you look fresh and smart even when your face is bare.

Lots of confidence

Make-up should never be used as a mask to hide behind, but sadly this is how many people see it. When you’re not wearing make-up it’s important to be confident about your appearance as a lack of confidence in the way that you look will be very clear to others. If you believe that you look awful without any make-up then this will show, so it’s important to believe that you look beautiful in order to make others believe it too. Believe it or not, a lot of the tips and tricks that will help you look good without make-up are to do with how you see yourself. Remember, you have to believe you’re beautiful if you want to be beautiful.

A natural smile

It’s true that there’s nothing more beautiful than a natural smile, so make sure you show yours off because regardless of what you look like, your beaming smile is the only thing that people will notice. Avoid forcing a smile though, as this won’t look natural in the slightest and people will notice.

Don’t be afraid to be nonchalant

Just like bad hair days, everyone has bad skin days but in exactly the same way, the only person that’s likely to notice is you. If you wake up and your skin is looking a little dull or a spot has appeared on your chin, who cares? You’re the only person who’s bothered by the blemish and you’re the only person who notices it, so there’s no need to worry about it. Just be confident and you’re guaranteed to look beautiful.

Get a cool cut

Getting your hair cut into a style that you love will automatically make you look and feel more beautiful because your confidence will be sky high. Your cool, new haircut and the huge confidence boost that goes with it will help you forget that you’re not wearing any make-up and will help you establish a signature look that you’re happy with.

Plenty of sleep and a good diet

The skin is the largest organ of the body – this is something that comes as a surprise to many – and it should be cared for just as any other organ would be. Plenty of water and vitamins are essential to keep it strong and healthy and plenty of sleep is also imperative to allow your skin to rejuvenate while you rest.

One thing that should be avoided if you want your skin to remain looking healthy is too many alcoholic beverages. You know what you look like the morning after a night on the town and it’s guaranteed you don’t want to look like that when you’re strolling about town with no make-up on the next day. So, go out and have fun but limit your alcohol intake and look after your body in order to look beautiful without make-up.

Luscious lashes

You don’t need heaps of mascara to make your eyelashes stand out and frame your eyes effectively as there are plenty of ways to do it naturally without pulling out the make-up bag. If you’re avoiding make-up for any length of time then Vaseline really is a miracle product that you should never be without. You can use it to make your eyelashes look much darker, fuller and longer purely by brushing through a thin layer.

Make your eyes stand out

Just like you don’t require mascara to make your eyelashes standout, you don’t need eyeliner or eye shadow to make bring out your eyes. Mild eye drops are a great way to wake up your eyes and therefore your whole face as it makes the whites of your eyes much clearer and the colour brighter.

Make sure you moisturise

Merely cleansing your skin in order to clean deeply into the pores and get rid of any dirt and debris won’t be enough to keep it in good condition. A good moisturiser that’s specifically intended for your skin type is essential if you are to keep it looking bright, smooth and healthy.

Sun protection

UV rays are constantly attacking your skin, even when the sun is nowhere to be seen, so if you want it to appear bright and healthy, it’s essential to apply sunscreen throughout the year. Wearing sunscreen will help to ensure that your skin ages gracefully and it will help to improve the appearance of your skin almost straight away. Make applying sunscreen part of your morning ritual before you leave the house, even on dull and dreary days.

Achieve a white smile

Your smile really is important and a natural smile is the one thing that people never fail to notice. A smile that’s bright and shiny is something that’s really attractive to everyone so visit your dentist regularly, choose whitening toothpaste and chew sugar free chewing gum after meals and drinks. A lot of people envy those with a white smile and resort to whitening strips in order to recreate the look on themselves. This is unnecessary and quite often whitening strips will damage the enamel on your teeth which consequently makes them more prone to sensitivity and staining. All you really need to maintain a shiny, white smile is a whitening toothpaste and a good quality mouthwash; you’ll definitely be surprised with the results.

Good hygiene

Good hygiene is really important if you want to look good without make-up. The majority of the time there’s no reason for you to need to wear make-up in order to look presentable. Deodorant, clean hair, nice nails and clean clothes are all it takes to allow your natural beauty to shine through. Remember basic hygiene should be prioritised and then other tricks to improve your appearance can be added after.

Get rid of toxins

Toxins are in the body for all manner of reasons but mainly because of what we eat and drink along with key lifestyle choices such as whether we smoke or drink alcohol regularly. Toxins can easily be flushed from your body if you take part in regular exercise, drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet. Your lifestyle choices are also important so, if possible, try and quit smoking and limit your alcohol intake because none of these things do your skin any favours and will only succeed in making you age faster. Flushing the toxins out, however, will leave your skin looking youthful and bright.

Don’t forget your lips

The lips are one area of the face that people always end up forgetting, that is until they become dry, chapped and painful during the winter months. Although there’s no need to use a lip gloss or lipstick to colour your lips, as your natural lip colour will always suit you best, you should always make an effort to moisturise them. It’s a good idea to exfoliate your lips on a weekly basis too in order to bring out their natural colour and to make them soft and plush. The great thing about this is the fact that it’s not expensive either because all you need is a moisturising lip balm and a toothbrush.

Make-up definitely has a purpose as it makes people feel good about themselves and adds a little glamour to those special occasions. However, women have come to take make-up far too seriously, relying on it in everyday life and needing it to make them feel better. Refraining from wearing make-up every day will make you feel better. It’s liberating because it’s one less thing to think about in the morning. Not wearing it also means it becomes a fun tool to use which means you’ll really want to make an effort when you’re going out. So, put down the cosmetics and make the most of what you’ve got and walk out of the house bare-faced and proud.

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