Christmas recovery essentials

Over the festive period your skin really does suffer because it’s exposed to much harsher conditions than usual. Not only does the environment and climate pose a particular threat to the condition of your skin but the change in lifestyle that a lot of people experience during the party season also seriously affects it.

Over Christmas and New Year a lot of people demand a lot of their bodies and a combination of eating more and eating richer foods; drinking more alcohol; smoking more; and a lack of sleep, means that the condition of your skin deteriorates significantly.

If you plan to indulge over the Christmas period but you don’t want your skin to reflect the party lifestyle that you’ve chosen then it’s important to follow these guidelines to ensure that your skin holds up through the all night parties and lack of sleep.


In any skincare article you read, you’ll always be told to remove your make-up before going to bed. During the party season, it’s even more important to remember this because you’re likely to be wearing a lot more make-up than you would usually – because you socialise a lot more during the evenings. Removing make-up before you go to sleep allows your skin to rest and go through its natural regeneration process – which it’s unable to do if you leave your make-up on overnight.

If you do leave your make-up on overnight then you’re taking a big risk if you want to look your best the following day, as foundations, powders and blushers can all work their way into your pores and consequently block them, causing spots and infection. Eye make-up can easily get into your eyes while you’re sleeping and will cause irritation what is a delicate area. Rather than having to deal with dark circles, irritated eyes and spots when you wake up the next morning, make sure you give your skin the rest it needs by using gentle make-up removers, a cleanser and a moisturiser on your skin before you go to sleep.


Over the Christmas period, people generally overindulge when it comes to food, eating things that are exceptionally rich and in quantities that they’d never usually dream of. Although eating more is inevitable during the party season, it’s important to make sure your body gets the nutrition it needs if your skin is going to survive and continue to allow you to look great at all manner of Christmas celebrations and get-togethers.

A healthy diet is hard for anyone to maintain during the festive season so the easiest way to do it is to make sure you start the day with something that will benefit your body. Getting plenty of fibre is a great way to start the day as it’ll help flush the body of any lingering toxins as well as keeping you regular – essential when you’re eating rich food regularly. If you are heading out for the night, then make sure you eat before you go – don’t make that fatal mistake of drinking on an empty stomach. Although you might not feel like eating a decent meal before you go out, it’ll give you the energy you need to dance the night away and won’t leave you feeling hungry for calorific snacks at the end of the night. Avoiding fatty foods and indulging in a diet that’s high in vitamins, minerals and proteins will help to keep your skin clean and clear too.


Alcohol is a huge part of the festive season but it does your skin no favours. However, there’s no reason why you can’t have a few sneaky drinks over Christmas, as long as you remember to treat your skin afterwards. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and causes it to become red and blotchy as it causes the blood vessels to dilate. Sugar filled alcoholic drinks like wine, cider and champagne are much worse for your skin than pure alcohols like vodka and gin, for example, so it’s worth switching your drinks if you can.

In order to avoid becoming dehydrated and your skin drying, try drinking a glass of water after each alcoholic drink.

The next morning

The combination of alcohol, lack of sleep, a bad diet and not drinking enough water are huge contributing factors to dull, lifeless skin. If you can’t resist a night out and a kebab on the way home then it’s essential to make sure you rehydrate the next morning with a couple of pints of water and a squeeze of lemon juice. The combination of water and lemon will help to flush your body of toxins and rehydrate the skin as well as helping to keep spots at bay with a large dose of lemony vitamin C.

In order to try and right your wrongs apply a rich, intensive moisturiser to your skin as soon as you wake up in order to brighten a tired complexion and revive your skin.

In order to help your skin maintain its brightness, try exfoliating first in order to remove any debris from the night before as well as any dead or dulling skin cells that will prevent your bright, clean complexion shining through. Rubbing an exfoliator into the skin in a circular motion will help to stimulate the skin and encourage blood flow which will bring colour to your complexion instantly.


Stress is almost inevitable during the festive period as you attempt to create the perfect Christmas for you and your family.

If you’re feeling stressed then it will show on your skin as vital nutrients are drawn away from the skin and pumped towards the vital organs as they struggle to work in the way that they should.

Stress has a negative impact on your whole body so it’s essential to try and take time away from whatever’s causing you stress in order to try and calm down and allow your body’s hormone and chemical levels to return to their normal levels.

Exercise is one great way of preventing and tackling stress as it releases chemicals and hormones through your body which enable you to take control and feel calm. With chemical levels as they should be and positive hormones flowing around your body, your skin will stay clear too.


During the Christmas period, you’re likely to be heading out to your fair share of parties which means that the recommended eight hours of sleep is likely to be pretty low down on your list of priorities. If you’re lacking sleep then don’t think that piling on the moisturiser the next day will be a substitute for a good night sleep. No volume of skincare products can make up for lack of sleep as during the time you’re asleep your skin renews and rejuvenates which is what makes it look bright, fresh and youthful.

Not sleeping – even if it’s just for a few hours – will also cause a release of stress hormones around your body which are likely to result in spots – something to be avoided at all costs at this time of year.

However, if you have been burning the candle at both ends then there are a few rescue remedies that will help you to look and feel slightly more human.

  • Start by applying a wet, chilled tea bag to each eye for around 10 minutes in order to reduce puffiness.
  • An illuminator will be a make-up saviour. It should be brushed along your cheekbones in order to give the illusion of bright, healthy skin.
  • An under-eye concealer will be another cosmetic that you won’t want to be without. A liquid concealer that adapts to the colour of your skin tones will help you disguise bags and dark circles, so even if you feel like a zombie, you know you don’t look like one.

Head to the salon

Just as you might spoil yourself with a few trips to the beauty salon before the party period in order to perfect your nails, hair and tan, it’s not a bad idea to head back there when the festivities have died down as well. Although you might not feel like spending money pampering yourself after the expensive month of December, it’s possibly one of the best ways to recover and to get your skin back to its best. Facials, manicures and a haircut will get your skin, hair and hands looking great and help you shake off those last few cobwebs.

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