Why is using a toner essential?

Dermalogica Toners available from Pure Beauty OnlineToners are intended to lightly hydrate the skin while preparing it for the application of a moisturiser in order to make sure it’s absorbed properly. Dermalogica has a large range of toners that are each intended for different skin types in order to ensure better results.

• Essentially toners restore the skin’s moisture after being stripped from oils when cleansing as well as helping the moisturiser to be thoroughly absorbed evenly.

• They’re great to carry around throughout the day as they freshen up your complexion if your skin feels like it could do with a little lift and it will also help to keep your make-up in place throughout the day if you spritz your face after you’ve applied it.

There are a huge number of reasons why you should use a toner but Dermalogica’s toners in particular are convenient as they come in handy spritz bottles and are available for all types of skin. Before using a toner it’s essential to make sure it’s for your skin type in order to make sure your skin is receiving the best possible treatment and once you’ve found the perfect one be sure to buy a travel sized version too so that you can keep it in your bag for convenience.

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