Skin care for summer sports

Dermalogica Cover Tints available from Pure Beauty OnlineSummer always brings with it the added motivation to get out and do some exercise and although this is great for our bodies it’s not so great for our skin. The heat, sweat and chlorine that our skin is exposed to when exercising can leave it looking less than desirable if you don’t treat it properly afterwards.

When exercising it’s advisable to keep your make-up minimal because a layer of make-up over your skin will only make you hotter which will consequently make you sweat more. So, with the fact that sweat will make your make-up slide off your face making it pretty pointless anyway, when you consider the fact that it’ll be blocking your pores at the same time. If you really can’t leave the house without your make-up then it’s essential to use a foundation that’s light and won’t block your pores like Dermalogica’s Cover Tint.

After exercise it’s essential to wash your face thoroughly using a cleanser and then you should moisturise in order to rehydrate your skin after being battered with chlorine and cleanser. If it’s impossible for you to wash your face straight away then take a packet of Dermalogica’s Skin Purifying Wipes that will fit snuggly into your gym bag and can be used to remove excess oils and refresh tired skin.

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