Protect your skin from the effects of chlorine

Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash available from Pure Beauty OnlineSwimming is one of the best sports for your body as it works almost all muscles at the same time without putting strain on your joints however, it’s also one of the worst for your skin.

Chlorine is used to control the levels of bacteria in water – not only in a swimming pool but also in household water too. Although the levels in household water aren’t enough to irritate your skin too much the levels of chlorine in swimming pools are a lot higher and plenty to dehydrate your skin.

If you swim a lot or you just make the most of the swimming pool in the summer then it’s really important to look after your skin because chlorine strips it of all its natural moisture. A lack of moisture in the skin can cause it to turn dry, flaky and crack and if your skin’s sensitive then it can cause it to become itchy.

Dermalogica’s range of face washes are great for removing dirt and purifying the complexion. After using a face wash you should always moisturise too in order to replenish and maintain moisture levels. For the ultimate moisturising experience try Dermalogica’s Conditioning Body Wash followed by their Body Hydrating Cream.

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