Make sure you’ve got appropriate sunscreen for your holiday

Dermalogica Solar Defence System available from Pure Beauty OnlineSummer means only one thing and that’s sun, sea and swimming pools which is a dreaded combination for your skin. In order to protect your skin it’s essential to wear the appropriate sun protection whether you’re sun bathing, in the sea or in the pool.

Throughout the year – no matter what the season – you should be wearing sunscreen, but if you’re venturing to warmer climates for your summer holiday then you need to make sure the SPF is high enough to be able to protect your skin from the stronger sun. One thing to be careful of when buying sunscreen is that the product isn’t going to lead to breakouts because it lies heavily on your skin; in order to avoid this try Dermalogica’s Solar Defence System range for products that provide great protection but don’t leave a greasy layer over your skin.

One thing to bear in mind of you’re heading into the pool or the sea is that you will need to reapply your sunscreen much more often because it will wash off easily – leaving your skin vulnerable. It’s a good idea to take a small skin kit out to the beach with you which – as well as your sunscreen – should include Dermalogica’s Skin Purifying Wipes to help remove the salt and chlorine from your skin before you work it in with sunscreen.

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