Keep breakouts at bay with a cleanser

Dermalogica Cleansers available from Pure Beauty OnlineHave you ever felt like your skin knows when you need it to be clear and decides to breakout in spots when you’ve planned a night out or there’s a family event that you have to attend. You’re not the only one who has this problem so don’t worry and although the odd spot now and again is hard to prevent there are ways that you can stop a flare up becoming a common occurrence.

One of the most common reasons for spots to appear is because your pores become blocked due to oil or a build-up of dead skin cells so in order to avoid spots in the morning it’s essential to keep your skin as clean as possible.

In order to keep your skin clean and clear you should only use products that are meant for your skin type in order to avoid breakouts. Cleansers are the ultimate cleaners for your skin and it’s essential you get into the habit of using them morning and night if you’re going to keep the breakouts at bay. Dermalogica have a fantastic range of cleansers for every skin type available so once you’ve chosen the right one you can be sure that your skin will be left squeaky clean, nourished and hydrated.

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