Don’t hide your feet away through the summer

Dermalogica Body Therapy available from Pure Beauty OnlineAs summer edges closer the shops are beginning to fill up with this year’s spring/ summer fashions which is great if your skin’s in a good enough condition to be able to wear them. Although you might have been working hard in the gym to get your body perfect for the summer it will all be in vain if your skin isn’t in good condition.

In order to get your skin ready for summer it’s essential to follow a strict skin care regime and moisturise at least twice every day. Dermalogica have a hug range of moisturisers and moisturising body products including their best seller Active Moist and products in the Body Therapy Range including Body Hydrating Cream and Conditioning Body Wash.

Looking after your skin is great but it’s not the only thing that you’ll have on show this summer. Summer clothing also means summer footwear and your feet are generally the area that you forget about until you come to put on your new favourite pair of summer sandals. After a winter of being stuffed into thick socks and snow boots it’s no wonder your feet could do with a little TLC when they’re finally released. In order to prevent embarrassment on the beach this summer it’s essential to bring your feet back into fabulous condition before you even think about putting on a pair of your new summer shoes. Using Dermalogica’s Body Hydrating Cream every day will help smooth your skin and treat any cracked, dry areas so that you don’t have to hide your feet away during the summer months too.

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