You need to take more time cleansing

Dermalogica Precleanse available from Pure Beauty OnlinePollution, make-up and permanent make-up are constantly pounding our skin nowadays but people seem to be taking less and less care of their skin. Studies have shown that women spend less than twenty seconds cleansing and men don’t even spend that. With our skin needing more and more attention because of the environmental strains that we put on it twenty seconds really isn’t enough.

Only giving your skin twenty seconds of your attention each morning will mean it pays a hefty price each day and that pretty soon you’ll notice the strain you’re putting on it when your skin is dull, you have spots and your pores are congested.

To make matters worse, rather than addressing their skin problems, a lot of people merely cover them up with make-up. When you’re suffering with dulling skin and congested pores this is the worst thing that you can do. Rather than turning to your make-up bag you should take a look at your skin care regime and consider how you could make it better:

Cleansing is really important – as is toning and moisturising – as it clears out the pores, and helps to brighten the skin. The idea of double cleansing is becoming more and more popular so if you want to give your skin a real daily treat why not try Dermalogica’s Precleanse and follow it with another Dermalogica Cleanser and take a look at the difference?

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