Preparing your skin for the day

Dermalogica Skincare Products available from Pure Beauty OnlineEveryone starts the day in a rush; most people get up at the latest time possible for them to just be ready on time. You’re seriously not alone – especially not in the winter – when the thought of getting out of a warm bed when you know you forgot to set the central heating is almost too much for anyone to bear, but it has to be done.

When you’re rushing about trying to get ready on time a lot of people are tempted to skip the skin routine, but this should seriously be avoided. When the weather’s this cold skipping the skin care is definitely the wrong thing to do if you want to avoid dry skin and breakouts. You have to ask yourself whether the quality of your skin is worth sacrificing for an extra few minutes in bed.

You might not think it but your skin has a lot to deal with in a day, so it’s essential that you treat it properly. The environment, your day to day job and the amount of times you touch your face significantly reduces the condition of your skin. Dermalogica has loads of products that help to prepare your skin for the day ahead and keep it in tip top condition throughout the seasons.

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