Never forget your feet

Dermalogica Body Therapy available from Pure Beauty OnlineWhen it comes to skin care a lot of people forget about their feet even though they are one of the most used parts of the body. When you’re squeezing your feet into the highest heels that you have for a day in the office or a night out you forget about the sorry state that they leave your feet in at the end of the day.

Stiletto heels are just one of the sacrifices that most women make in the name of fashion but putting your feet through this kind of treatment isn’t good for you or your skin. Wearing shoes that rub or don’t fit properly could lead to your feet being permanently painful; ill-fitting shoes are also one of the major causes of cracked heels as you squeeze your feet into such small spaces. Just because high heels can damage your feet doesn’t mean you should stop wearing them though as there are loads of ways that you can soothe hurting feet and help get cracked heels back to their former glory.

Dry or cracking feet is a sign that you shouldn’t ignore and the first thing you should do is exfoliate – although this doesn’t sound pleasant when you’re faced with raw skin it definitely works wonders. You should use Dermalogica’s Ultimate Buffing Cloth along with an appropriate Dermalogica Exfoliator in order to gently remove any dead cells that are giving your skin that rough, dry feel.

After exfoliation try Dermalogica’s Ultra Rich Body Cream to rehydrate your feet so that your skin is once again soft and smooth, ready for a night out.

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