Shaving your beard part 1

Dermalogica PreShave Guard available from Pure Beauty OnlineWhen it comes to shaving off a beard it’s not as easy as putting on some shaving cream and shaving it off. If you want to keep some of your skin intact and not leave it a red, cut and bumpy mess then there are a few simple steps that you should follow when it comes to shaving off your beloved beard.

First of all you should pick a good time to shave your beard because believe it or not, if you shave it whenever and wherever you could end up looking worse than when you started. If you’ve had a beard for a while then the sun won’t reach the skin under the hair meaning that you could end up with a light outline of where your beard once was. If you want to avoid embarrassment then it’s advisable to shave on a Friday night to give your skin time to adapt and gain colour before Monday morning.

It’s advisable to use clippers on your beard in order to get it down a bit before you shave it right off. If you go straight in with the razor it will not only be difficult but could also be extremely time consuming. It’s easy enough to use hair clippers or even head down to your local barber so that they can help you along a little.

Before you start try using Dermalogica’s Pre Shave Guard to help nourish your skin and protect it from ingrowing hairs and bumps.

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