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Protect your skin in the sun

Dermalogica Pure Light available from Pure Beauty OnlineSun protection is extremely important nowadays, especially with people being so obsessed with ageing. The sun can induce premature ageing on the skin, so it’s important for you to wear appropriate skin protection to stop you looking old before your time.

Dermalogica offers a great range of products that you wouldn’t even expect to include sun protection. They include tinted moisturisers, general moisturisers and eye care along with the products that are specific to sun protection.

Dermalogica Pure Light with SPF 30 is a moisturiser suitable for use every day. It not only conditions and moisturises your skin but it also defends the skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays, with a chemical free sunscreen formula. Antioxidants and plant extracts help to protect from discolouring cells and Hyaluronic Acid minimises the signs of aging.

After care is just as important as caring for your skin when you’re out in the sun; Dermalogica After Sun Repair helps to quickly repair any damage that might have been caused by the sun – as your skin can still become damaged, even when wearing a sunscreen. Many botanical extracts help to protect the cells from any further damage and at the same time help renovate the skin’s condition. The homeopathic herbs that are included in the formula – Liquorice, Lavender, Cucumber, along with others -help to reduce the redness, irritation and pain that can be cause by sun burn.

Don’t just protect yourself when you’re in the sun, stay protected all of the time.

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