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Dermalogica Skin Kit – Normal/Dry

Dermalogica Normal/Dry Skin Kit available from Pure Beauty OnlineYou may have the clearest, most envied skin in the world, but every so often you’ll be faced with a problem. Whether that problem is a spot or a dry patch the Dermalogica Skin Kits can sort you out. No one’s skin is normal and clear 100% of the time, but if you’re one of those lucky people who have great skin – other than the odd dry patch from time to time – then the Dermalogica Normal/Dry Skin Kit is the one for you. This skin regime will keep your skin beautiful all year through but it will also combat the odd complication that you face.

This is another skin kit that has been updated; it contains the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel, Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner, Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream, Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant, Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair and samples of Dermalogica Precleanse, Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque.

The Special Cleansing Gel is great for maintaining your skin’s natural moisture levels while also removing any impurities that could cause your occasional blemishes. Maintain your skin’s hydration – especially in hot weather – with the Multi-Active Toner, that contains Aloe to also soothe your skin. If your skin is dehydrated, fine lines can appear, avoid this with the Gentle Cream Exfoliant.

Make the most of the many natural ingredients that are infused into this kit to maintain the condition of your skin while also effectively treating any dryness.

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