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Dermalogica Clean Start Starter Kit

Dermalogica CleanStart Starter Kit available from Pure Beauty OnlineThis is a kit that’s great for teenage skin; it keeps the skin clean, moisturised and fully nourished, treating acne and preventing the development of new spots. The Clean Start Starter Kit contains a lot for its price; it comprises of a 50ml Dermalogica Wash Off and Dermalogica All Over Clear, along with 15ml Dermalogica Ready Set Scrub, Dermalogica Bedtime For Breakouts and Dermalogica Welcome Matte SPF15.

Dermalogica Wash Off

A foam that cleans deeply, expelling spots and breakouts from those problem areas – face, neck, shoulder, back. This product gets rid of any trapped oils that block the pores causing bacteria to form and infection to spread. Natural plant extracts help to regulate the production of oil, this prevents future breakouts as it stops the creation of too much oil.

Dermalogica All Over Clear

A toner that can be used at anytime, anywhere on the body; it cools and revives along with controlling oil production which will consequently prevent shiny skin.

Dermalogica Ready Set Scrub

It’s a masque and a scrub all in one, it clears the skin making it cool and fresh.

Dermalogica Bedtime For Breakouts

A treatment for the evening; it clears the pores, reduces redness and helps prevent future spot breakouts.

Dermalogica Welcome Matte SPF15

It doesn’t dry out the skin but it eliminates shine. Use this daily to help maintain skin clarity and protect your skin from aging UV rays.

If you think you could benefit from impeccably clear skin, try Dermalogica’s Clean Start Starter Kit today.

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