Which Dermalogica system will work best for you? Part 2

Dermalogica Skincare Products available from Pure Beauty OnlineIn the last article, we started to take a look at the Dermalogica skin care systems available at Pure Beauty Online, and underlined the importance of matching the right system to an individual’s skin type. In this article, we will continue on the same subject and look at the remaining three regimens.

MediBac Clearing System – adult acne can be a real source of distress and stress, which is ironic as chronic stress is likely to play a huge role in your skin’s problems. This system targets the four physical factors that cause severe spots: sebum production, skin renewal, bacteria and inflammation.

Shave System – frequent shaving can wreak havoc on your skin, compromising its protective barrier and leading to ingrowing hairs and irritation. If you shave regularly, you shouldn’t let a razor anywhere near your skin without using these products.

UltraCalming System – super sensitive skin can be uncomfortable to live with and difficult to conceal; products from the Dermalogica UltraCalming System are designed to calm and soothe the inflammation that is behind the itching, stinging, redness and burning that are so typical of irritated and sensitised skin.

Finding the right skin care regimen can transform your complexion, so don’t put up with your skin problems any longer but find out what Dermalogica can do for you.

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