Sneaky samples

Dermalogica Samples available from Pure Beauty OnlineEveryone loves buying new make up or perfume and getting a handful of free samples thrown in the bag too. For starters they’re great when your own perfume starts getting low but they’re also a great selling idea. Giving away free samples makes people try new products that they wouldn’t usually buy; if they try them and like them they’re more likely to buy them in the shop – something that they wouldn’t do had they never tried them.

Many companies however, don’t like us to know that we can get free samples even without purchasing a product. They probably feel like they’re missing out when in fact you’re actually more likely to buy one of their products after trying a free sample, compared to buying a full sized product to try.

Pure Beauty Online allows its visitors to choose at least 5 Free Dermalogica Samples of their Dermalogica products to add on to any order. They enable you to choose whatever samples you like from the whole range and for each order you place you can choose up to ten more.

Pure Beauty Online specialises in Dermalogica products, and offers a service that is much better than having a couple of unknown samples thrown in a bag or even not having any at all. With respect to this choosing your own samples is a luxury.

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