Post-holiday skin savers: oily and spot-prone skin

Dermalogica Skincare Products for Oily Skin available from Pure Beauty OnlineIf your holiday in the sun has taken its toll on your complexion, you will need to give it a little TLC to restore and repair the damage done. Exposure to the sun can cause spots and increased oiliness, but it can also cause dryness and dehydration, fine lines and hyper pigmented patches. In this article, you will find some suggestions to help your skin recover from the excesses of summer fun!

Oily skin

Increased heat and humidity can cause your skin to produce excess oils, which in turn can increase the likelihood of spots forming. Combat the effects of increased oil production by ensuring that your cleansing routine is thorough. Use an oil-based cleanser, such as Dermalogica’s Precleanse to emulsify and gently remove excess oils and debris. Follow this first step with your usual Dermalogica cleanser and you can be sure that you are leaving your skin squeaky clean.

Oilier skin needs more frequent exfoliation, as the excess sebum can inhibit effective skin cell renewal. Old and dead skin cells can remain stuck to the skin’s surface, blocking pores and causing spots to form. Use a gentle facial exfoliator to gently remove these cells, decongest pores and prepare the skin for spot treatments or moisturiser.

If you do suffer from a summer breakout, use a targeted treatment from the Dermalogica MediBac Clearing System, such as the Overnight Clearing Gel to treat existing blemishes and prevent new ones.

In the next article, we will take a look at how to help dry and prematurely ageing skin to recover from the summer weather.

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