Your skin may be oily, but that doesn’t mean it’s not dry too

Dermalogica Active Moist 100mlWe all produce sebum, which is necessary for the protection of our skin; these oils and lipids are designed to create a protective barrier against moisture-loss and potential infections. When skin produces excess sebum it can create a shiny sheen and interfere with efficient skin renewal. Too much sebum can prevent dead or old skin cells from shedding, causing them to clog pores and eventually leading to blemishes and a dull complexion.

An oily complexion can still lack moisture, however. High temperatures, harsh skincare products, smoking, pollution, caffeine and alcohol can all leave your skin dehydrated, and the excess sebum can do nothing to alleviate this condition. In fact, stripping the oils from your skin will only result in more sebum production and further dehydration as the skin tries to protect itself and re-establish a healthy balance.

If your skin is oily but also displaying signs of dehydration (flakiness, tightness, itching, fine lines) then it may be time to take a look at the moisturiser you are using. You need to use a lightweight, oil-free moisturiser that can deliver hydration without clogging pores: Dermalogica’s Active Moist is ideal for daily use, combining Lavender, Mallow and Cucumber extracts to provide deep hydration. This lotion refines and smooths the surface of the skin, preparing it for make-up and for the day ahead.

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