Dermalogica Concentrated Boosters explained

Dermalogica Concentrated BoostersConcentrated Boosters are deigned to deliver intense treatment to your skin, when and where you need it. Professional skincare therapists will often add products such as these to other products in order to provide a personalised treatment.

They allow you to respond to changes in your complexion without changing your base skincare products; simply adding a few drops of the appropriate Booster to your usual moisturiser, for example, will have dramatic results on your skin.

There are seven Concentrated Boosters available at Pure Beauty Online, and here are two of our best sellers:

  • The Special Clearing Booster is a lifesaver for those who suffer from acne breakouts. It targets the bacteria that proliferate in blocked follicles and cause spots, regulates sebum production and helps to soothe the redness caused by acne. It can be used at night and during the day as an on-the-spot treatment or to give a boost to moisturiser or other MediBac Clearing products.
  • If your skin looks dryer than usual and is displaying the tell-tale fine lines caused by dehydration, give your skin an intense boost with the Skin Hydrating Booster. It can be applied directly onto parched patches of skin to hydrate it and restore the protective barrier that reduces moisture loss, or it can be added to your usual moisturiser. This great product also allows targeted care for combination skin.

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