Protect and hydrate EVERY day

The use of good moisturiser morning and night is absolutely essential, and moisturising isn’t a step which should be skipped under any circumstances.

An effective moisturiser will go a long way in helping to keep the skin healthy, and will also help to keep it looking good.

A moisturiser which doesn’t hydrate the skin properly could leave it feeling very dry and tight, and premature ageing could make its unwelcome presence known.

Moisturising isn’t necessarily 100% about hydration though, and when stepping outside, a moisturiser can also help to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Even on dull days the sun’s rays can adversely affect skin if it’s allowed to, and applying a moisturiser which contains an SPF is one of the quickest, most convenient and most effective ways of stopping the skin from suffering.

Dermalogica Sheer Moisture is the perfect product for those who want to ensure that skin is being kept hydrated and protected at the same time, and as it’s so light and oil-free, it will also help to keep skin looking beautifully matte throughout the course of the day.

With Dermalogica Sheer Moisture, keeping skin in amazing condition and keeping it safe from the sun’s harm couldn’t be any easier.

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