Did your hands suffer at the hands of winter weather?

The past few UK winters have been particularly harsh, and this winter was unfortunately no exception. As most areas of the UK suffered a shock to the system with a very late, very cold snap, skin could still be suffering now.

The skin on the face is highly susceptible to suffering when cold climatic conditions strike, although the skin on the hands can seriously suffer too.

Whilst the majority of people are wise enough to apply a good helping of moisturiser to the face before stepping out and facing the cold, the hands are all too commonly forgotten, and in no time at all they can become very dry and sore.

If your hands suffered at the hands of winter weather, and if they’re still suffering now, the good news is that you shouldn’t need to spend all spring suffering, as with a good product, you should be able to get them back to their smooth and supple best in no time at all.

With Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand & Nail Treatment, dehydrated hands AND nails can be swiftly rehydrated, and this great product is great for everyday prevention as well as cure.

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